Mrs. Ruhiya Abubakar


Phone (office): 202-698334

Mobile: 0208324097

Email:rabubakar@gtuc.edu.gh or ruhi4win@yahoo.com

Office Location: Tesano Accra

Status in the University: Lecturer

Professional Background

Educational background (degree/school)

Degree in Telecom Engineering – Ghana Technology University College

Masters in Microelectronics and Wireless Systems Coventry University GTUC

Brief Biography

I am young energetic, smart and result-oriented lady, with an encouraging intellectual skill. I am creative, imaginative and innovative. My flexibility and adaptable mindset makes me a good team player who respects and upholds team objectives. My high sense of responsibility and trustworthiness makes me a quick learner. I am a Self-Motivated young lady who is committed to corporate values and who believes in continues improvement and serving my clients with diligence and humility.

Courses Teaching Taught at GTUC

Circuit Theory and Digital Communication


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