Mr. Kwame Simpe

Kwame Simpe Ofori

Contact: Mobile: 0202698188.


Office Location: R53 -Main Campus

Status in the University: Lecturer


Professional Background:

Educational background (degree/school)

  • Telecom Technology /Sikkim Munipal University
  • MSc Finance/ Amity University
  • Business Administration/ University of Wales
  • Statistics/ Regent University College of Science and Technology
  • Information Technology/ Methodist University
  • Diploma Telecom Engineering/ Multimedia University

Scholarly (Research) Interests

  • Innovation Diffusion
  • Machine Learning
  • Structural Equation Modeling

Courses Teaching/Taught at GTUC

  • Data Communications
  • Broadband Wireless Technologies
  • Communication Networks

Other Academic Pursuits (Consultancies, Conference Presentations etc)

  • Doctorate of Management (On-going)
  • MSc Statistics (On-going)


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