Jacob K. Adopley PhD

Phone (office): (0202)-698-343

Mobile: 0202-698-343

Email: jadopley@gtuc.edu.gh

Office Location: Room 51…Block C, Tesano-Campus

Status in the University: Lecturer


Professional Background

  1. Educational background (degree/school) Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, 12/1996, University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona 85721
  2. Electrical Engineering, 05/1995, University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona 85721
  3. Mechanical Engineering, 05/1987, University of Delaware, Newark Delaware 19720

Scholarly (Research) Interests

Electromagnetic Theory, Electromagnetic scattering, Electromagnetic inverse problems, Antenna Theory and Design, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Microelectronics, and Semiconductor Device Physics.

Memberships of Professional Bodies:

IEEE Member of AP

Selected (Recent) Publication:

  1. Analytical models for determination of Complex Permittivity
  2. Presented at PIERS-1995 Seattle, Washington
  3. Progress in Electromagnetic Research (PIERS) 1997
  4. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications (1997)
  5. A Comparison among Localized Approximations in One-dimensional Profile Reconstruction (Presented at PIERS-1997 Cambridge Massachusetts).
  6. Progress in Electromagnetic Research (PIERS-20) 1998
  7. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications (1998)
  8. Performance Evaluation of 2nd Order Localized Approximation in Predicting Internal Electric Field in One-Dimensional Slab Problem

Brief Biography

Graduated from University of Science & Technology with Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering. I served the Ghana Government in North at Bolgatanga and Navrongo on Tono Vea Irrigation Project. I helped with the Maintenance Department, servicing Dam Construction Equipments and Agricultural Machinery. At the end of the service, I worked in Nigeria briefly as field engineer on oil-rigs and also taught at Government Secondary School before leaving for my graduate studies in the US. After graduation with MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware, Newark DE, I left for Tucson AZ, where I worked with my sister to set up a Bakery Business. I joined the ECE Department at the University of Arizona, Tucson AZ, in 1990 and graduated with MS Electrical Engineering and PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering in 1996. After graduation, I joined the EE Department at the University of Delaware as a post-doctoral fellow where I worked on nano-technology projects designing probe-tips.

I left in 1997 to join Lockheed Martin Space Systems as a Senior Electrical Engineer in the Antenna Group at the East Windsor, NJ facility, which later moved to Newtown, PA. I worked on Land Mobile satellite systems. My duties include design and implementation of detailed error and failure analysis methodology, software development, frequency re-use isolation performance and techniques for evaluating satellite system performance and reliability.

In joined NJ School Systems and worked at Panther Academy in Paterson, NJ teaching Mathematics, AP Calculus and C++ programming to talented minority students from the Paterson community.

In 2008, I returned to Ghana, and work briefly as a part-time lecturer at the Computer Engineering Department of University of Ghana, Legon, before joining Ghana Technology University College, Tesano-Accra in 2012.

Courses Teaching/Taught at GTUC

Teaching Principles of Programming in C++, Algorithm & Data Structures, Advanced Computer Architecture, VLSI & Embedded Systems, JAVA Programming. Hope to teach mathematics and Electromagnetic Wave Theory

In the News

Presentation on Applications for Microfinance Companies with my Student Manuel Djaba.


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