Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering

Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering

The Telecommunication Diploma Engineering programme is designed to provide students with the necessary skills, which would equip them for employment in network fault diagnosis, equipment repair and installations, service and network planning, within telecommunication companies. As such, subjects offered include transmission theory, telecommunications signaling, communication measurements and techniques, and advanced data communications. In addition, students would be exposed to basic telephony, networks and fundamentals of microprocessor.

The curriculum of the programme contains a sufficient number of electives that students can tailor their studies to their interests or pursue a minor. If the students’ interests lie in the applications of telecommunications equipment, opportunity exists to take courses from areas such as computer engineering technology and information technology. If students wish to pursue the management of telecommunications resources, a minor in business course can provide the necessary background for the challenges they will face as future telecommunications managers.

DTE Course Structure & Credit Hours

Course Code First Semester Courses Credit Hours Course Code Second Semester Courses Credit Hours
TED 151 Engineering MathsI 3 TED 152 Engineering MathsII 3
TED 121 Basic Electronics 3 TED 123 Electrical Machines 3
TED 131 Computer Systems &Applications 3 TED 122 Digital Electronics 3
TED 113 Circuit Theory 3 TED 124 Analogue Communication 3
SSC 131 Moral &Ethics 2 TED 146 Instrumentation Measurements & Control 3
SSC 111 English I 2 ICT 132 Intro To Computer Programming 3
SSC 103 Study Skills 1 SSC 112 English II
SSC 121 Functional French 1 SSC 122 Functional French II 1
Total 18 Total 19


Course Code First Semester Courses Credit Hours Course Code Second Semester Courses Credit Hours
TED 214 Engineering Maths III 3 TED 226 Intro To Satellite &Mobile Communication 3
TED 222 Digital Communication 3 TED 212 Data Comm & Computer Networking 3
TE 242 Micro Processors &Micro Controllers 3 SSC 246 Principles Of Entrepreneurship 2
TED 215 Optoelectronics &Optical Communication 3 SSC 288 African Studies 2
TED 246 Signals & Systems 3 TED 244 Industrial Training 1
TED 214 Microwave Technology 3
TED 222 Telephony &Switching 3
TED 242 Project 3
Total 15 Total 20


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